At La Fabrique de la Danse, we are experts at training choreographers from the artistic view to the administrative and technicals aspects. So we wanted to give dancers and choreographers some quick tips on starting projects!

Artiste : Valentina Cortese – Photo : Emmanuelle Stäuble

Tip #1 – Anticipate on your planning

Creating a show will take some time: first you should think about a schedule, and start booking spaces for rehearsals. And most of all, make sure your dancers are available, by sharing the schedule with them, and ask them to book ALL the dates so you know you can count on them.

Tip #2 – Prepare your meeting with theatres

The better way to be the best is to prepare your speech: key points, choreographic intention, technicals aspects, team presentation. The more you are prepared, the clearer you will be!

Tip #3 – Get yourself a dream team

Achieving a creative project is an exhilarating but sometimes difficult adventure! Surround yourself with a circle of caring people who believe in you: your dancers of course, but also volunteers to support you in the intense moments and advisers with whom to discuss your difficulties!

Tip #4 – Think ahead about the lighting

Tech rehearsals are usually very quick, so you should spend some time anticipating what you want. Ask yourself some questions about colors, light rythm, spaces, etc. And if you know the vocabulary, it will make your conversation with the lights designer that much easier!

Tip #5 – Build a community

Social media is a wonderful opportunity for you to let people know about your work! Short videos, pictures, inspirations… People will get interested in who you are and what you have to say artistically! And it can take a little time, so start as soon as you can, and have fun!

You need more guidance? Come to our intensive workshop in English, next July in Paris!