A 100% online intensive program for international choreographers and dancers to learn more about the French choreographic professional sector, to get a new energy, and to discover tools bringing your project to the next level of its development. For the third consecutive year, La Fabrique de la Danse has decided to dedicate​ a one-week intensive program for international choreographers​. DUE TO THE PANDEMIC SITUATION THE 2020 EDITION WILL BE HELD 100% ONLINE. The program is adapted to meet the requirements of an online class.

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Christine Bastin

Laure Nouraout

Emmanuelle Simon

Orianne Vilmer

Lucie Mariotto

Alexandre Legay

Contact and Registrations

Lucie Mariotto
Lucie Mariotto

All the info is available on this page: if you have questions you can contact Lucie, through this form 🙂