Meet Felicia, a choreographer that participated in our 2019’s edition of Business and Creative Lab for Choreographers! 

Artist: Felicia Dotse – Photographer: Emmanuelle Stäuble

Can you introduce yourself and your work as a choreographer?

Hello, I am Félicia a french dancer and young choreographer living in Paris. I have mainly co-created urban choreographies for contests using a mix of hip hop, jazz/contemporary, salsa and waacking.

You decided to attend the international intensive program of La Fabrique de la Danse last year, what were you expecting?

At the moment, I have the idea of creating my own show and my own company. I did not have any knowledge on the side of how to create a choreography. So I was expecting to get some diverse tools for developing my project.

Can you tell us about your experience there with choreographers from other countries?

It was so great, I loved the multi-cultural part of this program. It made my experience richer from other ways of thinking and creating.

A few months later, what did you retain from it and how did it help your projects abroad?

I am still reflecting on how to realise my project and how it will be formed. A lot of details are taking shape little by little. The tools and information have helped me to get a great insight about what to do, where to start and how to structure my project.

Who would you recommend this summer intensive to?

I would definitively recommend this summer intensive to all the choreographers (with or without experience) because it’s given me such a great understanding about how my work is involved in the process.

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