Our summer dance and business intensive is back from July 7-13, 2019, and seeking 15 choreographers from around the world ready to tackle 6 days of workshops, one-on-one feedback sessions and business training.

Artistic Business Lab

Photo : Emmanuelle Stäuble

Formerly known as Business Lab for Choreographers, Artistic Business Lab is an annual workshop designed to let dancers and choreographers refine their style and choreography right in the heart of Paris. If you’ve often dreamed of traveling abroad, but cannot seem to leave the studio, then you can easily do both through our program. Here, participants will be able to explore their own movement, create meaningful pieces and enrich their on-going projects led by a well-rounded team of artistic directors, dancers, entrepreneurs and designers. You’ll get to wander around Paris’ streets and stunning architecture all while furthering your career goals as an artist. Our team welcomes choreographers from a variety of styles and dance backgrounds. In fact, last year our talent drew from countries such as: the United States, Brazil, Chile, Greece and India. This program intends to bring together passionate individuals who have one goal: advancing their choreography on a technical and creative level.

As a student, your day will look something like this: start the morning off dancing at the beautifully lit Studio Flore in the Carreau du Temple. There, you will be taking a choreography workshop taught by our own artistic director and choreographer Christine Bastin. This workshop is focused on finding your center, working on your improvisation, and understanding how to maximize the space around you. Honing in on your technique and testing out your ideas in a supportive, passionate environment will help you visualize your project. While given the chance to forge your own artistic path, you will also be encouraged to take in your fellow choreographers’ work and build off the group’s energy. After a lunch break spent at the square du temple, surrounded by thousands of lively cafes and on-the-go options, you’ll hop back in the studio. However, this time you’ll be taking on training sessions targeting the business aspects of your work. Lighting, communication, management and production workshops will be offered throughout the week so that you can broaden your knowledge and learn to stay ahead of your agenda. In the afternoon, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in group discussions and earn personal feedback apart from La Fabrique de la Danse’s experts. You will get to hear talks given by Paris arts organizations such as La Cité Internationale des Arts and Institut Français to show you how you can build support and a global network in this field of work. After a full day of activities, relax and spend some time getting to know the rest of the dancers outside of the studio. We’ll also provide tickets to a dance performance at night. Whether you prefer museums going, shopping at boutiques, or checking out the best views, Paris has so much potential.

By the end of this program, you’ll come away from us leaving with a stronger sense of individuality and a basis of technical and administrative skills needed to perfect your piece. Lead by our team, you will learn how to best present your work in the appropriate French portfolio format, but also in front of an audience. After working intensely throughout the week, your choreography will be showcased in an intimate performance in front of your peers, our team, and the public. Moving forward with an open-mind, tight friendship and our endless support, we will end our time looking back on a lasting experience. We are excited to offer this opportunity again, and look forward to discovering fresh talent and a new perspective.

Please note that our spots are already filling up so submit your application for ABL Summer 2019 soon!