La Fabrique de la Danse offers a 6-day intensive allowing choreographers to enrich their style and movement while further developing their company on a business level. In 6 full days, trainees develop a global approach to overcoming challenges surrounding the creative process and company management. By the end of the intensive, choreographers leave with a stronger entrepreneurial attitude needed to propel their professional career and spark creativity. The program guarantees trainees a chance to build one’s business acumen ranging from: production, communication, lighting design and arts management. Pairing these training sessions with daily choreography workshops supervised by Christine Bastin, a renowned French choreographer, will give each participant the opportunity to grow as a leader in the field.

Why Paris? The city of lights is the destination to immerse yourself in the arts and feel inspired!

Additionally, this program dives into Parisian culture and includes:

  • Meet-and-greet
  • Overcoming obstacles dinner
  • Night-out in Paris (performance included)
  • Free time to explore Paris with top recommendations
  • Individual meeting with Christine Bastin regarding your choreography portfolio
  • Inspirational talks given by French professionals in the industry
  • Celebratory closing dinner

With Christine Bastin

Each day Christine Bastin will encourage you to develop your writing skills and your choreography in the Studio. On the last day, you will have the opportunity to showcase your work in an intimate performance for the rest of the choreographers and the program team.

With Emmanuelle Simon

How do you take an idea and turn it into reality? This workshop will help you to consider and manage all logistical aspects necessary to creating your piece such as: planning, residency, communication with theatre, etc.

With Emmanuelle Stäuble

In this introductory workshop, you will be provided with practical knowledge and basic lighting design theory used to capture the full potential of your work.

With Lucie Mariotto

This workshop will give you keys to establish an organized platform to showcase your work and acquire your target audience.

With Laure Nouraout & Lucie Mariotto

In this workshop you will develop strong public speaking skills to create lasting impact on your audience based on group feedback.

With Laure Nouraout & Lucie Mariotto

To take your project to the next level, this workshop will help you learn how to properly format your portfolio according to French standards, thus allowing you to present your work on a broader scope.

With Orianne Vilmer

As choreographers, it is crucial to efficiently manage your team. Your artistic team is composed of a variety of talents and it is important to acknowledge each one: costume designers, makeup artists, lighting designers and musicians. This workshop gives you the chance to develop new leadership skills to become the best Manager you can be and unify your whole team around a common goal.

With Alexandre Legay

Through discovering DanceNote, a new collaborative work tool that enables your creativity, you will be able to enhance the visualization of your choreography and training. It is an innovative device that can be accessed from your Smartphone, computer or digital Tablet and it was developed by the dance factory!

‘ La Fabrique de la Danse cares about the complete dancer and has developed a program that embodies the artistry and the business side while staying true to the choreographic vision. ‘

« It was a wonderful cultural experience for me and everything helps me to have a wider vision of art and dance! »

‘ Such an intense and amazing week full of knowledge and love! ‘

‘ I feel that your workshop was the best way to set me up for the year I have had ‘


Christine Bastin
Christine Bastin
Orianne Vilmer
Orianne Vilmer
Emmanuelle Simon
Emmanuelle Simon
Emmanuelle Stäuble
Emmanuelle Stäuble
Alexandre Legay
Alexandre Legay
Lucie Mariotto
Lucie Mariotto


Application deadline: June 8th, 2019.
If you wish to book an accommodation for your stay in Paris, you will have to register before May 17th, 2019.

Several packages are available regarding if you wish to book an accommodation or not and if you wish to have a single room or not. To receive all the information regarding the different pricing packages and the detailed program of the week, please leave your email below.