Building a future for choreographic art

La Fabrique de la Danse is a cultural startup created in 2015 to contribute to the construction of a sustainable future for choreographic art, by structuring the sector.

La Fabrique de la Danse develops educational programmes to accompany dance professionals, develops digital tools adapted to work evolutions, and prepares the opening of a space of 2500 square meters, winner of ‘Reinventer.Paris’, an international call for projects, integrating innnovative spaces and services.

Test and learn

La Fabrique de la Danse builds its leadership around:

  • Its startup culture and its ability to design, model, test, transform and duplicate innovative solutions
  • Its bold economic model that aspires to financial autonomy, through the development of services to companies
  • His altruistic commitment to programs with a high social impact on both the promotion of choreographic art, the fight against inequality in dance and artistic and cultural education

An inspired an realistic team

The team gathers atypical and hybrid personalities, all devoted to choreographic art Coming from the choreographic and the company background, they are choreographers, engineers, business developers and journalists. Their professional experiences complement each other between finance, strategy, communication, sales, marketing, and project management, guaranteeing them a financial and economic realism.

La Fabrique de la Danse is an audacious project of enthusiasts inspired by the conviction that the choreographic gesture is the creator of artistic, human and economic values.