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Spend a week in Paris to develop new skills as a choreographer: join us from July 8th to July 14th at Le Carreau du Temple, an exceptional art establishment in the heart of Paris!


As a young choreographer, you might be in need of guidance for the first tasks to tackle: lead your team, broadcast your show, develop your artistic skills, kickstart your communication, etc. La Fabrique de la Danse has developed the Business Lab for Choreographers, a bespoke program for international choreographers: spend one week in Paris and learn everything you need to know to make your next creation a success!

All of our speakers are experts in their domain and their workshops are designed to give you practical knowledge that you can reuse right away. Furthermore, the programme offers several networking opportunities, cultural events and access to prestigious French institutions.

The Business Lab for Choreographers lasts one week and is completely in English! Every morning will be dedicated to a choreographic workshop with Christine Bastin, an award-winning choreographer. During the afternoons, you’ll be trained in communication, production, management, etc.

The programme is being held at Le Carreau du Temple, one of the biggest cultural establishments in Paris, next to the trendy neighborhood of le Marais.

With Christine Bastin

‘I am inviting you to a session of warming-up and recharging your batteries… body, soul and imagination mixed up together… in the joy of researching and meeting other choreographers!’

With Laure Nouraout

You want to make sure that people are curious about your project? First, you need to learn how to talk about it! This workshop will help you develop your oral and written communication skills.

With Emmanuelle Simon

After an idea, there is a project. This workshop helps you to consider and manage all logistical aspects from your artistic idea to the day of your show (planning, residency, organisation with theatre, etc.).

With Emmanuelle Stäuble

The workshop will provide you with all the theoretical, as well as practical knowledge on how to use the full potential of light in your creation.

With Lucie Mariotto

Prospection is the basis of any sale. This workshop will give you the foundations to organize your prospection in an efficient way and will give tips to help you position your project according to your contact.

With Orianne Vilmer

As choreographers, you need to manage your team with efficiency. Your artistic team is comprised of not only, but also costumes, makeup, lighting and music designers. This workshop will represent an opportunity to develop new soft skills to become the best manager you can be and unify your whole team around your project.

With Alexandre Legay

DanceNote is a new collaborative work tool, supporting choreographic creation, its transmission and its preservation. It is an innovative device for dance and training, that can be accessed from your smartphone, computer or digital tablet. And it was developed by La Fabrique de la Danse!

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Morning Choreographic Workshop Choreographic Workshop Choreographic Workshop Choreographic Workshop Choreographic Workshop Choreographic Workshop
Lunch Brunch Tel Aviv  Coffee with ONDA Pro meeting
Afternoon How to communicate on your project Take control of your production Learn about Lighting Initiate the broadcast of your show Improve your managerial skills Public workshop and Gaga XXL
Dinner Second Square Concert Welcome Dinner Discover DanceNote Coaching Dinner Let’s go see a performance! Swing Ball


Christine Bastin
Christine Bastin
Orianne Vilmer
Orianne Vilmer
Emmanuelle Simon
Emmanuelle Simon
Emmanuelle Stäuble
Emmanuelle Stäuble
Alexandre Legay
Alexandre Legay
Lucie Mariotto
Lucie Mariotto


You’ll be staying in a hostal for artists, in the center of Paris, close to le Carreau du Temple (where workshop are held) and to the heart of the City! All choreographers will be sleeping at the same location, so you can enjoy time together.


– Early Bird: 1275€ all inclusive > ONLY IF YOU REGISTER BEFORE MAY, 16th
– Full price: 1500€ all inclusive

What is included in the price:

  • All the workshops with our experts
  • All the events included in the programme
  • Lodging for 7 nights in a hostal for artists
  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • One night-out (a dance show, an exhibition, etc.)

We welcome all æsthetics and all ages!

You want to know more? Give us your email, and we will send you our documentation 🙂