[Workshop] Clarify the steps and build the tool to better manage your artistic project


Identify the steps needed to launch your artistic project and build a roadmap.


  • July 7th from 4:30pm to 7:30pm (Paris time) 
  • Videoconference

You have a great artistic idea but does not know where to start your project? This workshop we will help you identify the main steps needed to launch your artistic project and build an appropriate roadmap to better manage it.

This specific module is part of the Business and Creative Lab for Choreographers, an intensive and comprehensive program for choreographers and artists who are in the process of creating an artistic project and willing to discover tools bringing their project to the next level of its development.

Schedule of the week

* Workshops marked with a star can be followed independently of the rest of the program.

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Photo: Emmanuelle Stäuble – Artist: Meghna Das